Offering free USS with reptile consults


At our Killamarsh surgery, we are making changes to our exotic appointment structure, to now include a free AFAST ultrasound scan at the time of consultation with the attending Veterinary Surgeon. This change applies to REPTILES ONLY 🦎🐍

Ultrasound scanning has come a long way in reptile medicine - it allows for a non-invasive examination of the liver and gall bladder,  gastrointestinal track, reproductive tract, and to assess any swellings or areas of fluid build-up in the body.  

Ultrasonography is an important cornerstone in helping to prevent or diagnose many reptilian diseases, and early intervention gives our team (and the patient) the best chance for a positive outcome.      

This scan will be performed while you wait.

If we find any problems, these will be discussed with you at the time of consultation and we can then plan further investigations or treatment as needed.