Exotic animal care

We care for the everyday needs of exotic pets, wildlife and zoo collections

Experts in exotic care and treatment

At Ark Vets in Killamarsh, we have a dedicated team specifically trained to care for the everyday needs of exotic pets, wildlife and zoo collections. From the commonly kept reptiles, amphibians, rodents, birds and fish, to the more obscure species such as primates, sugar gliders, meerkats, prairie dogs and African pygmy hedgehogs - our exotic expert Veterinary Surgeons can help.

If your animal is already under the care of another practice, you are welcome to come to us as a referral case (in which case you will go back to your own Veterinary Surgeon after treatment), or come and see us for a second opinion consultation (you can then become one of our clients). Unfortunately, our Veterinary Surgeons are unable to give telephone advice about a patient without first seeing your pet. It is an ethical requirement that your existing practice is informed that we are seeing your animal.

PLEASE NOTE: A certified exotic Veterinary Surgeon may not always be available - however, our clinical team will still be able to assist you with any queries relating to your pet’s health.

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  • Hospitalisation
  • Anaesthesia & Surgery
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Exotic pets are usually extremely ill and often show non-specific signs of illness - compared to cats and dogs, when presented to us for treatment. Therefore, we often need to carry out extensive diagnostic tests (which can include):

  • Blood sampling
  • Faecal analysis
  • Cytology
  • Bacteria or virus isolation
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy

However, on occasion this can prove to be expensive. We take great pride in being able to offer the highest level of care, so we recommend that all owners should insure their pets. This allows for the optimal treatment to be provided and a rapid diagnosis, without any financial constraints.


Hospitalisation (exotic ward)

We have extensive hospitalisation and medical treatment facilities to assist with the recovery of your pet, which means that we are able to cater for all the unique requirements of our furry, scaly and feathery friends.

These include:

  1. Vivariums for various species of reptiles, featuring individual temperature and UV light controls.
  2. Avian (bird) cages with heat and UV settings, plus ventilation options.
  3. Fitted tortoise table to allow for suitable indoor accommodation, as it has an open top which allows for good airflow and heating and lighting regulation, and plenty of ground area for exercise.
  4. Specific cages for our small mammal inpatients - away from the scent and sight of predators.
  5. Dietary provision appropriate to the species being treated, in a minimal stress environment.

Anaesthesia & Surgery

Anaesthesia & Surgery

Exotic species have very different health requirements to dogs and cats, they require specialised equipment in order to safely anaesthetise and monitor them during their surgery. We now routinely use Sevoflurane (as used in human paediatric surgery) for all species - this enables a smoother and more rapid induction and recovery, greatly reducing the anaesthetic time and ultimately reducing the risk to these delicate creatures.

With their extensive cross-species experience and expertise, our team of qualified and highly skilled clinical staff are committed to providing the best care possible, using the latest in medical and surgical advances available.

Exotics referral

Exotics referral

How the service works

This information is for Veterinary Surgeons wishing to refer a patient to us.

For all exotic referrals, please download and complete our referral form.

Once your form has been completed, simply contact our Killamarsh branch on 0114 247 0828 with your client’s details, and we will make all the necessary arrangements for the referral visit.

History, case notes and other relevant information can be sent to us by fax (0114 251 4725) or email (killamarsh@arkvetsheffield.co.uk). Radiographs can be sent with the client on the day.

You will then receive a full report and treatment plan. This report can be sent as an email, a fax or by post - please inform us of your preferences.

Client downloads

Client downloads

In order to provide the best treatment and care for your pet, please download and complete the following appropriate form prior to your appointment. This will enable us to maximise your consultation service if you have the necessary information readily available.

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