Geriatric Clinics ONLY £44.94

Animals age more quickly than humans; in fact cats over 10 years, dogs over 8 years, (in giant breeds its 5 years) are all considered as geriatric and approaching their golden years.  Sadly its inevitable that our pets are getting older and although we cannot stop the signs of aging, we can help our pets grow old gracefully by helping their transition.

While we recognise our animals behaviour may change it simply cant be put down to the aging process, it could be an underlying medical condition.  If these conditions are detected early many of them can often be treated and therefore greatly improve their quality of life.

At Ark vets we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure so we are offering a pet health screening programmed for all our eligible patients.  The appointment is a double appointment slot with one of our caring veterinary surgeons who will perform a full detailed examination including blood and urine analysis an in depth discussion with you regarding any concerns or worries you may have.  State of the art veterinary medicines and diets are available which allow us to provide the best possible treatment and preventative care for you and your pet, If nothing abnormal is detected, this appointment could put your mind at rest and allows us an insight to detailed information as to what is normal for your pet, therefore giving us a huge advantage when investigating any future illness should it arise.

We will create a bespoke health plan specifically designed for your pets needs.

The package we are offering is valued at £96.44 but to help you plan for the optimum care for your pet through the winter we are able to offer it for a reduced price of £44.94.

To help us achieve the best results from your geriatric clinic, the more information you could give us the more detailed advice we can offer you.

You may notice if your pet has slowed down a little - look for subtle little changes, see how he/she gets up, lays down, uses stairs etc see if there is any hesitation or stiffness, try to notice if it appears worse during cold, wet weather of if its first thing in a morning or before/ after exercise.

Try to see if there are any changes in your pets eating habits, does he/she still have the same diet, are they eating the same amount, have you noticed if your pet appears to be hungry then shy away from food.  Observe to see if your pet is drinking more or less than they normally do, if you have any concerns you can measure your pets water intake over a 24hour period and let us know at your appointment. Monitor their urine and faeces output, look to see if the frequency has changed, if it looks or smells different from usual.

Have you noticed if your pet is paying less attention to you or seems to ignoring you, perhaps a little slower to respond to your commands, or a little disorientated, we have put a questionnaire for you to fill in before you come to your appointment. (Please be as honest as possible when filling in this form, it gives us a great deal of information, it’s the little things that count).

Don’t worry if you do not have all this information with you for your appointment it is not essential but it would be helpful.

On the morning of your appointment please bring in a fresh urine sample in a clean pot or collect one from reception.

From all the team at Ark vets.